Added big international design awards:


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Students' AwardPackage AwardBusiness AwardYachts and Sailors Award
Artistic AwardAchievement AwardClothing AwardYachts Award
Strategy AwardIcon AwardWebsite AwardFashion Goods Award
The One and Only AwardExpostitions AwardTalents AwardAdvanced Award
Architectural Design AwardGreatest Design Works AwardDesign Olympics AwardAdvertisement Award
Design Thinking AwardFavorite AwardThe Best of All AwardChallenge Award
Professional Architect AwardProsumer Products AwardScholarship Programs AwardResearch Proposals Award
Jewelry AwardArt Installations AwardArt Works AwardEducation Award
Outranking AwardArchitectural Projects AwardArt Events AwardYellow Goods Award
Dictionary AwardOutranking Furniture AwardDesign Submissions AwardExhibition Spaces Award
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